Thousand Card Game - Rules

When you get fed up with games with a clearly defined course, you can add a bit of excitement. The Thousand Card Game is unique in that players are unsure throughout the game whether they have trumps in their hands. In this game, each queen discarded changes the colour and type of trump. You never know when your opponent will discard such a card.

The King crosses Bartuk

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Frequently asked questions

❓ How many people can play Thousand?

The Durnius game is for 2-4 people.

❓ How many cards do I need to play Thousand?

According to the Rules of a Thousand, for this game you must use A deck of 24 cards.

❓What cards are used in the Game of 1000?

Card ranks in ascending order: 9 (0 eyes), bartukas (2 eyes), Lady (3 eyes), The King (4 eyes), 10 (10 eyes), ace (11 eyes).

Preparing for the game

The first dealer of the cards shall be chosen by lot. The dealer's position shall then move clockwise.

A card game for 1,000 to 4 players

The dealer must shuffle the cards. The player to his right then moves the cards. Only after this action can the deal begin. The dealer gives the cards first to the person to his left. He then gives them to the others clockwise. During the first round of dealing, each player receives three cards. The dealer receives no cards. The 3 cards face down are then placed on the table. Finally, each player is dealt 4 more cards.

Occasionally, a player receives 4 nines. He puts the cards face up on the table. The dealer must then collect the cards from everyone and go through the steps of shuffling, moving and dealing again.

When a player receives 3 9s, he can hold a lottery. In this case, he places all three open nines on the table in full view of the other players. The other two players each choose one card they have and place it face down next to the nines. The suit and type of card - black (wine/cross) or red (drum/heart) - is the key here. The player who held the lottery points to one of his cards and then looks at the cards of the other players face down.

Scoring after the lottery:

  • When no one guesses the suit chosen by the lottery promoter (the card he showed), then the lottery promoter gets 100 eyes;
  • If one player guesses the colour of the card shown, then that player receives 100 eyes;
  • Once both players have guessed the colour, they then share 100 eyes (each player gets 50).
Card game Thousand - 1 example

Construction phase

Once the cards are dealt, the betting begins. If there is a lottery, it takes place before the betting phase.

The betting phase consists of competing for the three hole cards set aside at the time of the deal (the buy-in). The first move is made by the person to the left of the dealer. The first bet usually costs 100 aces. The player must call out loudly the amount bet: "One hundred". The other players take it in turns to increase their bets. They may add 10 eyes each. The betting phase ends when two players pass and shout "Pas". Once a pass has been made, there is no further betting.

At the end of the betting phase, the dealer looks to see how many eyes the 3 face-down cards that have been fought over have. He notes the number of eyes and gives those cards to the winner. The dealer shall add these eyes to his points account. He shall take no further action during the game and shall not receive any additional points.

When placing bets, keep in mind that the maximum number of eyes that can be collected is 120. Therefore, betting amounts should not exceed this number. It should be borne in mind that there are some exceptions. Pairs of each type of card (Queen and King) have different values:

  • Wines - 40 eyes;
  • Crosses - 60 eyes;
  • Drums - 80 mesh;
  • Hearts - 100 eyes.

The values of these pairs can be added to the maximum number of eyes to be built. In any case, when placing a bet, we specify the amount of points we expect to score at the end of the game.

Card game Thousand - Example 2

When the winner receives three cards face up, he can either deal the cards in the pile equally to himself and his opponents (after first inspecting the cards), or he can keep the cards for himself. In this case, a choice is made as to which 7 cards will be played, and the remaining 3 cards are placed face down in a pile, on which the cards of the picked picks are placed. Which option is played must be agreed in advance.

Stage of the game

In a game of hearts, the first player to act is the player who wins three cards face up. One card may be thrown clockwise per turn. The first card discarded determines the basic suit and type for the turn. The card with the highest rank wins the turn. If you don't have a suit or trump card, you can throw any card, but it will not win.

Card game Thousand - Example 3

The queen card replaces the trump of hearts. If you discard, for example, the Queen of Wines (you must have a pair of her kings in your hand), then the trump will be wine until someone else discards a different Queen. It is important to remember that the trump is determined by the queen that is thrown last.

At the end of one round of picks, the person who won the previous pick shall draw the next first card.

Example of game 4

The game can have 7 or 8 rounds of picks. Points are then scored. After 3 cards have been dealt, the player can count whether he/she has actually scored the number of points indicated at the time of betting (the number of eyes may be higher than the target number). If the target is reached, then the player wins the number of eyes he called during the betting phase.

Card game Thousand - Scoring

If the winning player does not collect as many eyes as he bets during the betting process, then the number of eyes he collected during the game will be deducted from his point total. Alternatively, if the player does not reach the target, the player is deducted as many points as he has bet to win. The other players count all the eyes they have and round them off to the lower half (where the sum of the eyes ends in 0-5) or to the higher half (6-9).

The first one to get 1000 eyes wins. The Thousand Game can be played not only with real cards, but also with Android apps on smart devices