Doorman Rules - How to play Doorman?

Classic card games have been around for years. Unfortunately, over time, some things get lost. We'd like to remind you how to play Doorman. Although the rules of Durnius seem really simple, you always wonder if you will be able to defend against the attackers and win.

Classic deck of cards

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Frequently asked questions

❓How many people can play Doorman?

The Durnius game is for 2-5 people.

❓ How many cards do I need for a game of Durnius?

According to the Durnius rules, for this game you must use A deck of 36 cards.

❓ What cards are used in Durnius?

Card ranks in ascending order: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, bartel, queen, king, ace.

The rules of Durnius

Preparing for the game

The dealer gives each player 6 cards. If more than 4 people are playing, then 4 or 5 cards may be dealt. Dealing is clockwise, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.

Once all players have their cards, the dealer turns over 1 card and places it on the table for all to see. This card indicates the type of trumps (Wines, Clubs, Drums or Hearts). A deck of the remaining face-down cards is placed on top of this card. It is important that the face-up card is sticking out of the deck. The players then see at all times what the trump card is in the game.

Durnius Rules - 1 example

Who will start the game?

The game is played clockwise. The first action can be performed by:

  1. The player to the left of the dealer;
  2. The player who holds the smallest trump card.

Start of the game according to Durnius rules

Each player "attacks" the person to his left during his turn. One card is placed on the table. The defending player must cut the placed card.

You can dig:

  1. Same type but higher rank;
  2. A trump card of any rank. If a trump has to be crossed, it can only be crossed with a trump of a higher rank.
Durnius Rules - Example 2

When a player defends himself and cuts off a card discarded on the table, his turn is not over. The other players (and the attacker) may discard one card on the table of the same rank as the card that was cut or crossed. The defending player must cut off all the cards thrown at him.

Only as many cards as were dealt at the start of the game can be dealt per player. Unless it is agreed in advance that the number of cards will not be limited.

Durnius Rules - Example 3

When a player manages to defend and cut off all the cards, those cards are placed face up on a separate card and no longer play in the game.

If the defending player has not managed to cut all the cards, then he must take them all into his hand. The cards with which the person tried to defend themselves must also be taken.

If a player has cut all the cards, he becomes the attacker on the next turn. If he fails to defend, he cannot attack. In this case, the person to his left attacks.

All players replenish the number of cards in their hand before starting a new turn. The number of cards must be the same as the number dealt at the start of the game.

End of game

When the deck runs out of cards and a player is out of 6 cards, he is eliminated from the game. The rest of the players continue. In this game, the loser is chosen, not the winner. When all players have discarded their cards and only one person is left holding them, that person loses. This person is called the "doorman". In the next game, the "doorman" is the dealer.