Donkey card game - rules

The card game Donkey is one of the more fun ones. The speed, the excitement, the reluctance to become an "ass" encourages everyone to follow the game situation closely. Donkey is enjoyed by young and old alike. It is important to remember that the game can sometimes be a little painful afterwards, as the opponents rush in with all their might and slap their already laid hands.

4 cards of the same type collected

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Frequently asked questions

❓ How many people can play Donkey?

The Donkey card game for For 2-9 players.

❓ How many and which cards do I need to play Donkey?

Number of cards needed: a normal deck of cards. The number of cards to be played depends on the number of players:

  • 2 players - Aces, Kings;
  • 3 players - Aces, Kings, Queens;
  • 4 players - Aces, Kings, Queens, Queens, Clubs;
  • 5 players - aces, kings, queens, diamonds, hearts, 10s;
  • 6 players - Aces, Kings, Queens, Queens, Clubs, 10s, 9s;
  • 7 players - Aces, Kings, Queens, Queens, Clubs, 10s, 9s, 8s;
  • 8 players - Aces, Kings, Queens, Queens, Clubs, 10s, 9s, 8s, 7s;
  • 9 players - Aces, Kings, Queens, Queens, Clubs, 10s, 9s, 8s, 7s, 6s.

Preparing for the game

The cards are shuffled and dealt equally to all players. Each player decides which type of cards to collect (all 4 Kings, 4 10s, 4 7s, etc.). It is best to choose the cards that are most abundant in the hand.

The Donkey card game - how to play it?

The player to the left of the dealer makes the first move. He chooses one card that he does not need. That card is then dealt face down to the player to his left. The opponent takes the card, examines it and either keeps it for himself or sends it to the player on his left.

Card game Donkey - 1 example

The whole game is played clockwise. The game is repeated until any player has collected 4 of the selected type kortas. He then puts his hand (palm) where everyone can see it. The other players must quickly place their hands on the one already placed. The last player to place his hand becomes the 'donkey'.

Card game Donkey - Example 2

No need to be sad after the first game, you haven't lost yet

It is important to remember that after the first game, the "donkey" is not the loser of the whole game. He is assigned the letter "A". In the next game, another player may receive the same letter "A". Or, if things go badly wrong, then the first "donkey" gets the letter "S". And so on. The first person to get all the letters "A", "S", "I", "L", "A", "S" loses the whole game.

If you're unlucky and lose the game, you'll have to crawl under the table and shout "Y-a" in a donkey voice. You can also play with other animals. If you lose, you can become a pig, a puppy, a chicken or anything else.

A film to lighten the mood

The Donkey card game - who wins?

We have already elected the loser. And who wins the game? The winner is the person who has collected the least number of letters that make up the word "donkey". The winner is only declared when a person becomes a donkey.