About us

What is D6? A board game enthusiast doesn't need an explanation. But for those who have just discovered, or are about to discover, this fun activity, it's probably not entirely clear what the name means. It's very simple - it's the most basic dice we all know, with 1 to 6 "eyes". Normally, the numbers on the dice are arranged in such a way that the sum of the numbers on the opposite faces is 7.

D6 dice

Who are we?

D6.lt is a page created by board game enthusiasts, where you will find the rules of the most popular board games. Often people buy board games without even seeing the rules. After the first game, they realise that they have made a mistake and that the game does not reflect their desires, interests and characters. This page will take you through the full rules of the game, making it easier to decide if it's for you!

D6 project objectives

  • Increase people's interest in board games;
  • To introduce the different board games and their differences;
  • Explain the rules of the games quickly and clearly;
  • Demonstrate how the real game works with short examples.