Card game Carriage - rules

The card game Carriage has been around for ages, played by our parents and grandparents. The game is not boring, it creates excitement and the desire to fight. If everyone plays calmly, the loser is revealed quite quickly. Of course, the opposite is also true. When all the players use a serious strategy, the game can go on for a very long time.

Playing cards in human hands

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Frequently asked questions

❓ How many people can play Carriage?

You can play carriage from 2 to 4 people.

❓ How many cards do I need for the Carriage Game?

According to the Carriage Rules, the game requires 24 decks of cards.

❓ What specific cards are used in the Carriage Game?

Card ranks in ascending order: 9, 10, bartuk, queen, king, ace.

Preparing for the game

The first dealer is chosen at random. The dealer shuffles the cards. The player to his right moves the deck. Then the cards are dealt. Clockwise, 1 card is dealt to each player until the deck runs out.

Cards are dealt equally to all players:

  • 4 players are dealt 6 cards each;
  • 3 players - 8 cards each;
  • 2 players - 12 cards each.

Before play begins, each player must choose their trump card (a specific type of card). All players examine their cards. Whoever has the Clubs card receives the trump of Clubs. The values of the trumps are then determined clockwise ˃ wines ˃ hearts ˃ drums. When fewer people are playing, there are fewer trumps. Unused card types have no effect on the game.

Card game Carriage - 1 example

In a 4-player game, the first move goes to whoever has the queen of clubs. If there are fewer players, the player with the nine of diamonds starts.

Card game Carriage is on

The first action to be taken after the cards have been dealt is to change the 9s. All players with nines place them on the table. Each player must take the nine that they have. This is important so that everyone has the lowest value trump in their hand.

Card game Carriage - 2 examples

After the cards have been exchanged, the person to the dealer's left starts playing. The game will then proceed clockwise. A player may discard any card during his turn. The player to his left must cut off the discarded card. This can be done by discarding a card of the same or higher rank. If no such card is available, the counter may be a personal trump of any rank. When an opponent discards a countering player's trump card, the countering player may only be dealt with a personal trump of a higher rank.

Card game Carriage - 3 examples

After the discard has been removed, one card of any denomination must be placed and then the player to the left of the discarded card will have to remove it.

When you can't cut a discarded card, you have to collect everything on the table (even if it's 10 cards or the whole deck). In this case, the opponent can no longer discard the card. You have to skip a turn. The player on the left throws the counter card.

Example of game 4

There is an aggravating factor. If you are dealt a card with a trump by the person on your left, then you can only counter with a personal trump. If there is no trump in the hand, then you have to take all the cards in your hand. It is important to remember that if a player draws all his cards, then his trumps become regular cards and have no more power.

Card game Carriage ends

Usually in games everyone is trying to win. This is different. It's about not losing. The only one who gets all the cards in his hand is declared the loser. If he wants, he can try to recover. In this case, the player himself shuffles the cards and deals them to the others.