Card game Carousel - rules

If you like cards and maths, the Carousel card game is perfect for you! It's a good start for children to learn how to count, and a good opportunity for adults to remember the subtleties of adding numbers. The rules of Carousel are very simple, so you just have to be in the mood and have fun.

Summing up the eyes while playing

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Frequently asked questions

❓ How many players can play Carousel?

You can play this game 2 to 4 people.

❓ How many cards do I need to play the Carousel rules?

  • 56-card deck - 52 regular cards + 3 jokers (valued at 11, 15 and 20 points) and 1 broom;
  • A deck of 55 cards - 52 regular cards + 2 jokers (11 and 15 points) and 1 broom;
  • A 54-card deck - 52 regular cards + 2 wild cards (11 and 15 points).

❓ What cards are needed for the Carousel game?

Card ranks in ascending order: ace (1), Gemini (2), triage (3), keturake (4), five-eyed (5), six-eyed (6), Seven (7), octopus (8), Nine-legged (9), tithing (10), joker (11), joker (15), joker (20). Write the numerical values on the joker cards.

Important information: this article contains several variations of certain game actions. Please agree amongst yourselves which one you will follow!

Preparing for the game

The dealer shuffles the cards and deals 4 to each player in a clockwise direction.The dealer then places a number of cards on the table depending on the size of the deck:

  • 56 - 8 cards on the table;
  • 55 - 7 cards;
  • 54 - 6 cards.

The cards are placed face up.

There are two options for what cards can be on the table:

  • If the game is played in a variant where the kings are crossed only in pairs, then no more than two of the same type of kings (kings, queens or diamonds) may be on the table. In this case, if, for example, three kings are on the table, all the cards are collected from the table, shuffled well and dealt again;
  • When one gentleman can take three of a kind, it makes no difference which cards are dealt on the table.
Card game Carousel - 1 example

The Carousel Card Game is now open

Game progress

The game is played clockwise, so the player to the left of the dealer starts. According to the rules of Carousel, a player can do the following during his turn:

  • Cutting the cards;
  • Adding up the cards on the table;
  • The summation of the cards on the table and in the hand;
  • Crossing the Gentlemen's Cards;
  • How to use a broom;
  • Discarding the card,

Cutting off the cards

If a player has a card in his hand that is the same rank as the card(s) on the table, then he may cut that card(s). The cut cards must be placed in a personal cut pile.

Card game Carousel - 2 examples

Summation of the cards on the table

When several cards are on the table and the number of hearts added together is the number of eyes the player has in his hand, then those cards can be cut.

Adding up the cards on the table and the cards in your hand

If the number of hearts on the table is not sufficient for a pick, then one personal card may be added. All the cards to be dealt are then stacked on top of each other, as they can only be cut on the next turn. It should be remembered that the opponent may also cut the stacked cards during his turn.

There are two variations of playing with cards stacked on the table:

  • The player can cross the cards that were previously added up, but he cannot add anything else;
  • The player can add an additional personal card to raise the amount.
Card game Carousel - 3 examples

Crossing the Gentlemen's Cards

Queens (Clubs, Queens and Kings). Only 1 King can be cut down with a King, even if there are two Kings on the table.

The actions with the ladies and the bartenders are similar.

There are two options for playing with ponies:

  • Clubs are dealt in pairs only;
  • If there are three gentlemen on the table. Then you can take them all with one card.
Example 4

Use of a broom

The Broom is one of the most powerful cards. There are variations of the broom:

  • She crosses all the cards on the table;
  • It only crosses cards that have numerical values. It does not cross the Queen's cards.

Card discard

When there is nothing to cross or total, the player must discard one of his cards and wait for the next turn.

The action after the last division can also be twofold:

  • The last player to cut the Gentlemen's card takes whatever is left on the table;
  • The last player to make a pick takes all the cards remaining on the table.

Dealing additional cards

When all players have made four clockwise turns and have no cards left in their hands, the dealer deals 4 more cards to each player. Game continues until there are free cards in the deck. After all cards have been dealt, the last player to draw takes any cards still on the table. Unless someone else has cut one of the Gentlemen after the last deal.


At the end of one game, each player looks at his cards and assesses what he can count as points.

  • 1 point for holding an ace;
  • The player with the most cards at the end of the game is awarded 2 points;
  • Whoever has the most wines gets 2 points;
  • Possession of a wine glass - 2 points;
  • Possession of a drumstick - 2 points;
  • 3 points for possession of a joker worth 11 points;
  • Possession of a 15-point joker - 5 points;
  • Possession of a 20-point joker is 10 points.

When two players have the same number of cards or wines, they split the 2-point win in half. If there are more players, then no-one gets these points.

The Carousel card game ends

The game is far from over with one game. The game continues until a certain number of points are scored. This depends on the number of cards in the deck:

  • 56 - 120 points;
  • 55 - 90 points;
  • 54 - 60 points.