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D6 is the page where you will find the rules of the games. Popular board games, card games, games of chance - learn them all on this page. Board games have long been a pastime of the upper classes. It was not until the mid-20th century that they became popular in the homes of ordinary people. Over time, classic games (checkers, chess) were replaced by modern ones (Dixit, Pandemic). Board games are very different from each other. For example:

  • For checkers board and figures. During the game, we move our pieces so that we cut down all of the player's checkers as quickly as possible;
  • Dixit cards with different drawings. We choose one card, describe it to the other players. The players choose one card based on that description and then they all vote on which card came first;
  • Carcassonne Landscape cards and figurines. We build cities and rivers and place our pieces on them to earn points.
D6.lt board games

Table games encourage real communication

In today's society, there is no time left for lively communication. People are working all the time, on their phones, in a hurry, with no time for family or friends. Increasingly, when you meet friends, there is simply nothing to talk about because everyone is lost in their own thoughts. Board games are a great way to break the ice. Communication is essential! Whether you're fighting against each other or joining forces to beat the game, you won't get anywhere without talking.

Boys playing a board game

What games can you find on page D6?

Table games are divided into many categories, allowing you to choose what suits you best:

  • If you like to plan your game in advance and think about every step you're going to take, you'll find the perfect solution strategy games.
  • For those who like to feel the cards in their hands and perform the actions they indicate, we recommend card games. There are many, from the classic to the innovative.
  • For those who can't imagine a game without a team goal, try cooperation games. Here, all players work together to beat the game. And everyone will rejoice or be sad together after all.
  • Want to cheer up the kids and play with them? Games for Children or not at all for families - a great way to spend your free time. Try them out, create a tradition of game nights and children will remember them for a long time. And maybe the adults themselves will create such traditions for their children.
  • Those who don't like innovation can immerse themselves in classic games the whirlpool. The rules of the games, which go back many years, never get old. All you have to do is improve your skills and encourage your friends to join in.
Board games - strategise, laugh, cry but don't give up