Bingo game - rules

A fun game of Bingo will help you to see if you're in luck. The numbers are drawn purely at random and players have no control over what is drawn. Games of chance are interesting because it is rarely possible to influence your own luck.

Bingo rules and preparation for the game

Game set

  • 1 game board (for the player who will participate as game master);
  • 10 cards;
  • 75 chips with numbers on them (more information, what if the set contains game balls instead of these chips);
  • 240 chips to cover the numbers.

Frequently asked questions

❓ How many players can play Bingo?

According to the official Bingo rules, to play two or more players. The number of players is usually limited by the number of cards in the game deck. Of course, even 20 people can play if they wish, but they just need to print out their own extra cards and number cover tokens.

❓ From what age can I play Bingo?

Bingo has very simple rules, so even children can play. Official minimum Players Age 5 years.


Bingo requires care and speed to be the first in the Bingo queue. This is 5 numbers in a row on a personal Bingo card.

Preparation process

The first step is to decide which player will be responsible for the game board and the number chips. This player is called the game master.

Game board

The Game Master must shuffle all the chips that have numbers on them. These chips are placed next to the game board. The game board itself, or rather the top row of the game board, is marked with the letters "B-I-N-G-O". Each of the 5 columns is labelled with one letter.

Bingo cards are dealt equally to each player. The number of cards to be played is decided before the game. Unused cards must be placed in the game box. The chips used to cover the numbers shall be placed on the table in such a way that all players can reach them.

The bingo game starts

All players use their chips to cover the empty space in the middle of their cards. It is immediately and automatically counted in the Bingo queue.

The Game Master randomly draws a chip, flips it over and says its number out loud. For example, B1.

Players who have this number on their cards place a chip on top of it, taken from the pile in the middle of the table. The game master also covers this number on the game board with a token.

Players who don't have this number are waiting for the next number, which might be suitable for them.

When all players have covered their numbers, the game master draws a new chip again. The previous steps are then repeated. The players cover the numbers on their cards and the game master also covers the corresponding number on the game board.

Bingo chips

When a player forms a row of chips covering the numbers, he calls "Bingo". The row may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Occasionally, the Game Master may stop the chip draw and match the numbers covered on the board with the numbers covered on the players' cards. This is to make sure that someone doesn't miss something or cover the wrong thing.

The bingo game is over

When a player says "Bingo" after completing his turn on his card, he becomes the winner. In the next game, he plays the role of game master. If two players shout "Bingo" at the same time, they win the tie. In this case, the game master is chosen at random.

Before starting a new game, all the game cards must be shuffled again and distributed to the players.

Bingo game with balls

Bingo machine and cards

If you have a Bingo game with a ball-drawing machine, the chips with numbers are not drawn. The game master shall spin the ball machine and draw a random ball with a number. After that, it's just like in a game where chips are drawn. You can also download Bingo to your smartphone Android or IOS device.