Roulette rules - how to play roulette?

Roulette is a table game of chance (similar to Bingo), suitable for any number of players. There is no minimum or maximum number of participants, even one person can play. It is also possible to agree whether the game is just for fun, whether real money is involved or something agreed. The rules of roulette are really simple, see below to learn how to play roulette.

≧❂◑❂≦ How many people can play roulette?

The number of players varies widely - you can play One, or betting will also be available wide circle of friends. You can buy multiple sets of roulette chips to get a wide range of players.

≧❂◑❂≦ How long does it take to play Roulette?

The duration of the game varies widely. You can play one game and finish. However, it is possible to bet for several hours.

≧❂◑❂≦ How old can I play roulette?

As this is a very simple game, it Even children can play. The most important thing is not to give it to children under the age of three, as they may choke on balls or chips.

≧❂◑❂≦ How many colours are on the roulette wheel?

Three colours - red, black and green.

≧❂◑❂≦ How many zeros are on the roulette wheel?

It all depends on which roulette set you buy. There are three different roulette games:

  • American Roulette Available at two zeros;
  • European rouletteone zero;
  • French roulette also has one zero.

Roulette table game

Roulette is special because no one is obliged to play as much as anyone else. If a bet is placed, the player waits for the winnings to be dealt and then can withdraw or pause if desired. What's also great is that newcomers don't have to spend a long time explaining the rules and can get started right away. The game can be played at home and is also available on best casinos online.

Game set:

  • roulette wheel or mini roulette table;
  • 180 chips with different values: white - 1, red - 2, blue - 5, yellow - 10, green - 25, orange - 50 (the number of chips may vary depending on the roulette set you have);
  • 2 balls (some sets may have only 1, as the second is a spare);
  • Roulette wheel;
  • croupier's stick.
Roulette board game and its components

Roulette rules

The aim of the game

  • Place chips on the number or other value that the croupier will spin on the roulette wheel;
  • collect as many chips as possible.

Preparing to play Roulette

  • a felt is placed on the table or other surface where the game will be played;
  • the person who will be the croupier is elected;
  • A game wheel is placed in front of the croupier and he is given a ball, a stick;
  • the remaining players are dealt their chips (which must remain with the croupier);
  • roulette rules explained to newcomers.
Roulette rules How to play roulette

How to play roulette?

Roulette rules are among the easiest in the table games category. Players bet the desired amount of chips (regardless of others) on the chosen area of the felt until the croupier announces that the time for betting is over. Nothing can be changed after this announcement. The croupier then takes the ball and spins it around the roulette wheel, releasing it closer to the edge. As the ball loses momentum, it moves through the numbers until it eventually stops at one. The person who spins the roulette wheel then tallies up all the bets and pays out all the winnings from the bank of chips in the croupier's possession (the winning person always gets back what he or she has bet and gets an additional amount of chips equal to the number of times more, depending on the method of betting chosen). A new round begins.

Available betting methods

Specific number

The numbers range from 0 to 36. It is very risky to bet on these numbers as the chance of winning is only 1 in 37. However, if you get it right, you can win up to 35 times what you bet.

Roulette rules for betting on a single number

Two adjacent numbers

The chip is placed on the line separating the two numbers. In this case, the probability of winning is 2 in 37. And the payout is 17 times your bet.

Betting on two numbers

Three figures (street)

The chip is placed on the outer line of the numbers in a row. This selects 3 consecutive numbers. The probability of winning is 3 out of 37. The payout is 11 times your bet.

Table game roulette bet on three numbers

Four digits (angle)

This is a bet on 4 numbers, with the chips placed on the corner where the numbers intersect. The odds of winning are 4 in 37. If you are lucky, the payout is 8 times your bet.

Roulette game bet on four numbers

Six digits (line)

The chips are placed on the corner of the two rows to the outside of the numbers area. This allows 6 numbers to be selected in a row, e.g. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The odds of winning are 6 out of 37 and the winnings are 5 times your bet.

European Roulette bet on six numbers


The chips are placed on one of three choices: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. The odds of hitting are 12 out of 37 and the payout is 2 times your bet.

American Roulette bet on a dozen


These are the three boxes below the numbers, the one selected represents all the numbers above it except 0. The probability of winning is 12 out of 37. The payout is 2 times the bet.

French Roulette bet on the column

First or second half

Select the box representing the numbers 1-18 or 19-36. The probability of hitting is 18 out of 37. The win is equal to the bet.

Games Roulette bet on the first half of the second


All numbers on a black or red background are selected. The probability of winning is 18 out of 37. The number of wins is the number you bet.

Roulette table and betting on suits

Even or odd number

The chips are placed on the even cell for even numbers, or on the odd cell for odd numbers. The odds of hitting are 18 out of 37, and if you win you get what you bet.

Betting on an even or odd number

End of game

The roulette rules allow you to decide how long the game lasts. Each player can quit whenever they wish, or they can set how long the game will last. Also, someone can end the game if they have no more chips. And of course the winner is the one with the highest chip value at the end. You can read more about roulette BoardGameGeek page.