Domino rules

Domino, a very simple, long-standing classic board game. It uses rectangular, flat dice that are cut in half and numbered from 0 to 6. The rules of dominoes are very easy to understand and learn.


Game set

28 dice (which can be bone, wood, plastic, metal or cardboard).

Frequently asked questions

❓ How many people can play Dominoes?

At least players available to play are 2.

❓ From what age can I play Dominoes?

Someone's specific set out at no age. Even children can play according to the original Domino rules. The important thing is that they know how many dots are on each die. The children's versions of Dominoes feature a cartoon on the dice. In this case, even the youngest children can play.

How to play dominoes? Here are three ways to play

Domino Rules No 1

Game progress

The dominoes are rolled and mixed. Each player must roll 7 dice. The remaining dice are no longer needed.

The drawn dice must be placed out of sight of the other players.

The first player places one of his dice face up in a place within reach of everyone. The next player must then place their own die. It is important that the numbers of the eyes on one face of the dice already placed and the dice to be placed coincide. If none of the player's dice match, he has to skip the turn.

End of game

The game ends when one player places the last available die.

If the game is blocked because no player has any dice to place, the player who took the last action is declared the loser.

Correctly arranged dice

Domino Rules No 2

Game rules are the same as for in the first option. The only difference is that the remaining dice continue to be used in the game. When a player does not have a suitable die, he draws one of the dice. The draw must continue until a suitable one is found. When the pile is exhausted, play continues until someone wins or the game is blocked.

Domino rules No 3

The aim of the game

The first player to score 100 points is declared the overall winner. The number of points can be reduced or increased by agreement.

Game progress

Bring all the pips to the boil and mix. If two players are playing, they each roll 7 dice. When 3 or more are playing, 5 are drawn. The remaining dice remain in the pile until used.

According to the rules of dominoes, the dice can only be placed next to each other with corresponding values

Players place the drawn dice where others cannot see them.

The first player places one die. On subsequent turns, only dice with the same number of eyes as the dice already placed may be placed. Doubles domino (when both sides have the same number) should be placed crosswise. Place the rest lengthwise. If a player does not have a suitable die, they have to draw from the pile until they have a suitable die. When there are no more dice in the pile, players who have no dice to place in the pile skip a turn.

When a player has used up all his dice and there are no more dice to draw, the game is over. Points are then scored. The winner collects the dice of all opponents and counts the points. These points belong to the winner.

End of game

A domino game is over if no player has anything left to contribute. In this case, the player with the lowest value dominoes wins. He then takes his opponents' dice and counts their points. Your own dominoes cannot be added to the total.