The biggest casino wins of all time

Many of us try out a casino website or visit a casino parlour in the hope of catching our lucky bird. Optibet casino experts say that unfortunately, this is often a game of luck, although in some cases, especially with cards, you can influence the final outcome.

Players reviews helps you make the right choice of a licensed online gambling venue, but no one has a formula for success that will guarantee a win. Although some Casinos help you unveil the mystery and join us to find out how much the players who had a special day have won.

7 wins that changed the lives of casino players

Yes, it is certainly possible to win big when playing in a casino. However, it's worth remembering that only the successful players or the best players get them - it all depends on your choice of game of chance.

In slot machines, the outcome is unpredictable because it's all about probability theory. But table games are a different story, because strategy, psychological preparation and other factors are very important here. Let's find out who left the casino after becoming a millionaire!


MGM Grand Casino

Professional gambler Archie Karas changed gambling history in 1992 in a Las Vegas casino. When he went to gambling town with $50, and in 1995 he scooped 40 an award of USD 1 million. He was very lucky!

He played games such as poker, craps and baccarat. This is the most lucrative winning streak in the casino, also known as "The Run". However, it is worth remembering that it is very important to stop in time, because he later bet and lost the money again. 

Horseshoe Casino

Another Las Vegas casino entered in 1989 by another famous gambler who made the biggest bet in history at the time.

William Lee Bergson, aka "The Suitcase Man" or "The Phantom Gambler", has bet his entire $777,000 stake on a single roll of the dice.

This brought him 1 a million dollars! But that's not all, because he returned to the same casino 3 years later and bet again, this time for a million - and unfortunately lost. 

Excalibur Hotel casino

The biggest slot jackpot in the parlour was drawn in 2003 on the Megabucks machine - that's even 39 713 982.25 USD.

The lucky winner is a 25-year-old software engineer who wishes to remain anonymous. The winner claims to have placed bets on the machine for almost $100 before winning. 

Online casinos - Trainwrecks TV

It is worth mentioning the winnings not only in the casino parlours, but also in the virtual space. One gambler, Tyler Nikman, who calls himself TrainwrecksTV for short, used to broadcast his gambling live online.

Here, he won as much as £1,000 playing the popular Might of Ra slot machine 22,5 millions of US dollars!

However, he invested $1 000 for each of his bets. This means that he bet a lot to win, but all his efforts paid off in the end.  

Bally Casino

Not only men, but also women win. Johanna Heundl, celebrating her 74th birthday at the casino, scooped as much as 22,6 millions of US dollars!

She made several unsuccessful bets of $100 and then unexpectedly hit the jackpot. On that day, luck was with this pensioner, which means that every one of us can have our hour.

Grand Mondial Casino

"The Megabucks slot machine is a great favourite among gamblers and often produces jackpots. Another slot machine that has similar success is Mega Moolah.

It was on this slot machine that an anonymous player won in 2018 23,5 a million-dollar pot of gold!

Many players prefer to remain anonymous so that they can enjoy their winnings undisturbed. But it is always an official fact that slot machines can also turn successful players into millionaires. 

Online casino

Another achievement that should really interest you. It's one of the biggest slot machine wins.

A player at an online casino registered in Europe played NetEnt's Mega Fortune slot machine and won 17,8 millions of euros (about 24 million US dollars)!

It's hard to believe, but the story goes that the player made a single bet of $0.25, which won him the jackpot. This means that even very small bets can be successful. 


Some other big wins at casinos

If you are interested and would like to know more about the wins and amounts you have won, especially in slots, here is a short list of some of the bigger wins:

  • $17.25 million - Jon Hayward gambled at Betway online casino. 
  • $14.3 million - an anonymous gambler at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas.
  • $11.8 million - Rodolfo T. gambled at the Fremont Las Vegas.
  • USD 11.6 million - D.P. gambled in an online casino.
  • US$ 5.8 million - Jon Orchard gambled in an online casino.

The list is growing and changing all the time, and there are certainly more achievements. Slot machines in particular are a frequent winner, but let's not forget professional table games, where you can also win big in serious rounds or tournaments. 

Often, players make small investments, but the winnings are unexpected - and that's the key to success if you're trying slot machines. 

How do I hit the jackpot in a slot machine?

There is no instruction manual that guarantees that you will hit the jackpot on a particular machine. 

It's always worth trying out the demos to find out the values of the symbols and the possible wins. It's worth checking that your bet is sufficient. Sometimes a small bet will be enough, and in some cases it's only with larger bets that you'll reach the maximum amount. 

It's a good idea to choose games that suit your style of play. Read detailed descriptions of the games and take advice from gambling experts.

Take your time and try to stay within your budget, and if you're successful, don't bet the full amount again to avoid losing the money you just won. Play smart. Good luck!

FAQ on the biggest casino wins

What are the biggest casino wins of all time ❓

The biggest casino wins of all time include Archie Carr's $40 million win at the MGM Grand Casino and William Lee Bergson's $1 million win at the Horseshoe Casino. These are just a few of the spectacular examples.

Which games allowed Archie Karas to win the most money in Las Vegas❓

Archie Karas has won mostly playing poker, craps and baccarat.

What was the biggest win on the Megabucks slot machine at Excalibur Casino in 2003❓

The highest win was USD 39 713 982.25.

Which slot machine awarded $23.5 million to an anonymous player in 2018❓

"Mega Moolah Slot Machine.

What factors are important in table games to win big❓

The strategy chosen, psychological preparation and other skills are important factors.

What is the main recommendation for winning at a slot machine❓

It is recommended that you try the demos, check the symbol values and make sure you have a sufficient bet. It is also a good idea to choose games that match the player's style.