Alias game - rules

Alias is one of the first games where the rules require you to describe the words on the cards you draw. If you're looking for similar games, you can choose from Dixit. Alias Party is a fun, fun and fun game that's great fun for young and old alike. On this page we will discuss the rules of Alias Party. It is much more fun than the classic version.

Alias game and its board

Game set

  • 1 game board with rotating arrow;
  • 6 figures;
  • 400 playing cards with 8 words on each;
  • 1 hourglass for accurate timekeeping.

Frequently asked questions

❓ How many players can play Alias Party?

Alias rules state that the game can be played For 4 players and more. This is because at least two teams have to be in place.

❓ How old can I play Alias Party?

Unlike the children's version of Alias, Alias Party is only recommended for play from 13 years old.

❓ How long does it take to play one game of Alias Party?

The length of the game depends on how well the game board travels. At least take a moment 30 minutes. But chances are you'll play for an hour or more.

Preparing for the Alias party

Alias parties should be played in teams of 2 or more players. One action can last until all the sand has collapsed to the bottom of the hourglass. As many words are guessed, the team advances in the same number of spaces on the game board. Party differs from the classic Alias variant in that the game board contains Party boxes. Standing on them, the words have to be interpreted in an innovative, more entertaining but more difficult way.

Preparation process

1. There are several types of cards in Alias. The deck consists of 290 word cards, 86 celebrity cards; 8 smile cards, 6 movement cards and 10 blank celebrity cards.

First, the word cards need to be divided into several piles and placed on the table next to the different teams. The rest of the cards (except for the blank ones) are placed on the game board in the spaces reserved for them. Celebrity cards are split into two piles and placed in two places on the game board.

Alias game - sample cards

Each team can write down 8 people they remember on blank celebrity cards, but it is important that the other team members also know these people. The completed cards are added to the pile of remaining celebrity cards. The remaining blank cards are placed in the game box.

2. Once the cards are in place, the rotating arrow is fixed in its designated place.

3. Teams place their game pieces on the initial scoring box.

4. The first step is to choose the team that will start the game and the player who will play first in that team.

The Alias game starts

1. The person who starts the game must take 10-15 cards from the top of the pile. The opponents then say a number between 1 and 8 (the number of words on a card). The number chosen indicates which specific word on each card will need to be clarified. Once the number has been chosen, you need to flip the hourglass over and start explaining the words. Once the team members have guessed, the card is then placed on the table and the word is interpreted from the other card held in the hand.

2. As the guessing team concentrates, the opponents watch to see if all the sand is still in the lower part of the clock. When the time is up, they shout "Stop". If after this signal the word to be explained has not yet been guessed, then all teams can guess that word. The team that guesses the word gets one point. When the opposing team does so, they "steal" the last word and move one box ahead.

3. The number of guessed cards placed on the table is the number of boxes that the guessing team advances through. The exceptions are described in here.

Travelling the game board

4. The other team plays next. The used cards should be put in the game box and the unused cards should be given to the player who will play next. This player can take extra cards to keep his hand at 10-15.

5. When a team stands on a box with a number on the game board, they have to interpret the words specifically marked with that number during their turn. There is also Party boxes. Standing on this box will require a new interpretation of the words. After completing the Party tasks, the team spins the spinner and moves faster on the game board.

6. The first to reach the finish line wins the game.

Alias distinguishes the following nuances

Word cards

The cards contain a wide variety of words: nouns, verbs, adjectives, names of places, people and colours. It's up to luck which word you will have to interpret.

How words can and cannot be interpreted

The root and the derivative cannot be used in the interpretation of the resulting word. Vedic example: beauty and beautiful, ugly and beautiful, seaside and sea, beating and hammer. Antonyms can be used in interpretation. No foreign language may be used unless otherwise agreed at the start of the game. The explanation of the word should be as precise as possible to make it easier and quicker for the team to guess it. Explanations and guesses can be made as many times as you like, but the most important thing is to guess before the time runs out.

Alias rules - 1 example
Alias rules - Example 2

Errors and omissions

If the person doing the interpretation made a mistake and used the root or derivative of the word being interpreted, the interpretation is not counted and the command is set back one cell. The opponents must keep a close eye out for mistakes.

When a word seems insurmountable, you can skip it and take another card. This will be counted as an error and you will have to go back 1 box.

PARTY explanations

Standing on the Party box changes Alias' game a little, as the words are more fun to interpret. After completing the task, the team takes as many boxes as they guessed, plus they rotate the game arrow and go forward additional boxes. The hourglass is also used during the interpretation of Party words.

Party categories:
Party game category - BookA fun story

If a team stands on a box with a book on it, the player has to explain the 8 words on the cards by creating a continuous story about them. Start with the first word and, after guessing it, move on to the others. The player has to guess as many words as possible on the card. Once the team has guessed all 8 (before the time runs out), the arrow can be turned and the team can move faster towards the finish line. If there is still time left, another card can be taken and new words explained. When a few words are missed on the first card, a new card can be taken and the team can try to guess all 8 words. The skipping rules apply in Party too.

Alias rules - Example 3
Party game category - SmileSmile

When a team stands on the Party box marked with a smile, the top card with the smile is taken. These cards have human states drawn and written on them. The hourglass is also used here. Whatever number the team figure is standing on, that number of words should be interpreted emotionally. Emotions can be:

  • Anger;
  • shyness;
  • cheerfulness;
  • Crying;
  • fright;
  • Hysteria.
Sample smile cards

You can change your voice or facial expressions when explaining. If you manage to explain the words in the time allowed and your opponents decide that the mood was indeed the same as the mood on the card, then you can turn the game arrow. The skipping rules apply here too.

Party game category - MovementJudesys

When a team's piece is standing on a box marked with a movement symbol, the top card must be taken from the stack of movement cards. The number of the box you are standing on determines how many words you need to explain. The most important thing is to explain all the words while you are in the movement indicated on the movement card. If everything is done correctly, the team can rotate the game arrow and travel further towards the finish.

Example motion cards

Meanings of motion cards:

  • Interpret words by hopping on one foot;
  • One hand on your head;
  • Sit on the floor and rock back and forth;
  • Turn away from other players;
  • Stand horizontally (one leg extended backwards, leaning forwards and both arms extended out to the sides);
  • Doing squats.
Party game category - CelebritiesCelebrity cards

When the command is placed on the box that represents the camera, the top card with the camera symbol is taken. You will need to describe all the sights that are named on the card. Once all the celebrities have been named (before time runs out), the team turns the game arrow. If there is still time left, another card is explained. The skipping rules apply here too. The celebrity cards not only name famous people and bands, but also characters from fairy tales and cartoons.

Example of Celebrity Cards

Alias and its rules in brief

  1. Played in turns. The first team guesses, then the second, then the third and so on in a circle. Only one team member explains the words to their team.
  2. The number of boxes on the game board is equal to the number of words the team guessed.
  3. The number of mistakes a team has made, or the number of words it has missed, is the number of cells it has to go back.
  4. The boxes on the board are marked from 1 to 8. The words on the cards are marked in the same way. The word to be interpreted is the one on which the team's piece stands. Exception for the first round only, when the word number is chosen by the opponents.
  5. Standing at the Party box requires an innovative interpretation of the words.
  6. Players can add points to their normal points when completing a Party task. To do so, they rotate the game arrow.
  7. The first to finish wins.
Party Alias game

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