Jungle Speed board game

Looking for a fun and exciting board game that will captivate your whole family or friends? Jungle Speed board game is a great choice indeed! 

This simple yet unique Jungle game will take you on an unforgettable adventure!

Jungle Speed - Basic Facts 

Typeboard game, for families, for parties
Number of players2-10
Age of players7+
Duration of the gameabout 15 minutes
Indicative price15 - 23,59 euros

Briefly about the game

The aim of the game

The aim of Jungle Speed is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. This requires not only quick reactions, but also attentiveness throughout the game.

Preparing for the game

  • The totem (the game's key symbol) must be placed in the middle of the table. 
  • Shuffle the 80 cards and deal the entire deck equally to all players. 
  • Place the remaining cards under the totem. 
  • Each player must place their hole cards in front of them.

Jungle Speed Rules

Jungle Speed rules are simple, so even newcomers can understand them quickly!

How to play?

  • Players take turns to reveal the top card of their stack.  
  • Each round, a new card is turned over on top of the previous round's pile, creating a discard pile. 
  • The game is played clockwise. 
  • All players must play with one hand only and never use the other hand. 
  • Players always turn the cards over to the opposing side, giving the opponents a chance to be the first to see the card being turned over.  




  • When two players' cards have the same image (ignoring the colour), a duel begins.  
  • Both players immediately try to take the totem.  
  • The player who manages to do so wins the duel.  
  • The losing player must then collect his opponent's discard pile, his own discard pile and all the cards in the middle of the table.
  • He places these cards under the cards in his stack.
  • At the end of the duel, play resumes as normal, starting with the losing player.  
  • When a special card is turned up in the game, multiple players can participate in a duel. 
  • The first person to pick up the totem wins the event. 
  • If more than one player loses a round (for example, if several players miss a match and do not take the totem), the winning player can decide how to distribute the cards among the losers. 
  • As long as the top card of the discard pile is visible, it can provoke a duel.

    Important: Many cards look very similar, but there are slight differences to note. 

Game disagreements

When there is a disagreement over who grabbed the totem first, players should not grab the totem from each other's hands, get angry or argue. 

Players can see who has the limit - who has the most fingers on the totem - and in the event of a tie, the player whose hand is below the other's hand wins. If the totem falls off the table, the win is void.


If a player misplaces a totem, he or she must pick up all the cards that are face down on the table: the discards of all players, as well as any cards in the middle of the table. This rule also applies if the totem is dropped during the grab.

Special cards 


Special cards do not decide duels, but change the rules of the game.

Inward pointing arrows

All players must try to grab the totem.

The first player to do so places all his face-up cards in the middle of the table under the totem and starts a new round. 

Coloured arrows

From now on, duels must start with the same colours instead of the same symbols. This means that the duel can start immediately. The effect of this card is reversed (the duel is restarted according to the symbols) as soon as one of the following events occurs: 

  • the totem falls, 
  • the fight is on,
  • the next special card is revealed.

Outward-facing arrows

All players simultaneously turn up the top card of their stack. If the symbols revealed in this way match, the holders of these cards immediately duel in the normal order. If they do not, the player who has the outward-facing Arrow card continues the round.

Emergency situations

If the "outward pointing arrows" card is turned over: 

  • It has the usual effect, unless its reversal also results in a duel. 
  • The "Inward pointing arrows" card is opened and a duel is played at the same time, with the player who takes the totem first deciding between two possible outcomes: keep the duel result (loser takes all the cards), or allow the special card rule to be used (the winner places the face-up cards in the middle)
  • In the event of multiple duels taking place at the same time, the duel is won by the duelist who takes the totem first, and all other duels are void.
  • If a player turns over the last card and it is an "Inward Pointing Arrows" card, and the player fails to take the totem, the player must take all the cards face up (the winner places his/her card in the middle of the table) and Game continues below. 
  • If the last card is turned up and it is the "Outward Pointing Arrows" card, the player wins immediately. 
  • If a player turns up the last card and it is a "Coloured Arrows" card, the player must take all the cards turned up and play continues. Note that in this case, the 'Coloured Arrows' card does not have its normal effect.

End of game 

When a player turns over his last card, it is left face up on top of the discard pile and the other players continue the game. A player does not win the game until he has completely cleared his discard pile.

Game set

This board game set contains the following components:


  • Totem - an object in the centre of the table that players try to grab before others.
  • A deck of 80 cards - the cards that players use during the game.
  • Rules - a guide that describes the rules and instructions for the game.
  • Packaging - a box or bag for storing all the components of the game and for easy transport.

Jungle Speed board game Pros and Cons


  • An engaging and fast-paced game that encourages reaction and attention.
  • A versatile game suitable for both young and adult players.
  • Simple rules, easy to understand even for new players.
  • The game dynamics are interesting and varied, with each round taking a different turn.


  • Some players may find Jungle Speed lacking in strategy.
  • It can be difficult to distinguish between the cards in poor lighting conditions.


The Jungle Speed board game guarantees an unforgettable experience and an evening of laughter. Simple rules and a fast pace of play will appeal to gamblers.

The game develops reaction, coordination and concentration, making it ideal for both young and old players. Get ready for unforgettable jungle adventures with Jungle Speed!


What is the basic idea behind the Jungle Speed board game❓

The basic idea of Jungle Speed is to react quickly and grab the totem when the shapes of the cards meet certain criteria. 

What is the main objective❓

The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards and keep the totem.

What is the recommended age for Speed Jungle players❓

This board game is recommended for ages 7 to 8 years.

How many players can play Jungle Speed❓

The number of players is 2-10.

What's the difference between Jungle Speed Eco and Jungle Speed board game❓

Jungle Speed Eco is an environmentally friendly version of the popular Jungle Speed board game. The Eco version is made from eco-friendly materials or using recycled materials to reduce the negative impact on the environment.