Jenga Game - Rules

Jenga will give you a really good time. Also the board game Tower is suitable for children as well as Dobble game . Building a tower requires not only a strategy on which block to take, but also luck, hoping that the tower won't fall. Jenga rules are described below.

How many people can play Jenga?

Jenga can be played by 1 to 8 players.

How long does it take to play a Jenga game?

Jenga usually lasts about 20 minutes.

From what age can I play Jenga?

The Jenga board game is suitable for players aged 6 and over.

How many Jenga tiles are in the set?

There are 54 wooden blocks in total.

Who wins the Jenga game?

The last person to pull out a block and place it on top of the tower without knocking it down wins the game.

Jenga board game - components

  • 54 hardwood blocks;
  • Tower plaque.

Game object

Take one block of your choice out of the tower and place it on top of the tower. The last player who manages to place his block on top of the tower without the tower collapsing wins the game!

Preparing for the game

Turn the blocks out onto a flat surface.

One person builds a tower. He uses a special tray. The blocks have to be placed in layers. Each layer has three wooden blocks. In the second layer, the wooden blocks are placed at right angles to the blocks in the first layer. When the construction work is finished, you will have a solid, 18-storey tower. This tower can go up more than twice during the game!

The Jenga board game and its wooden decks

Once the tower is set up, place the tray vertically on a hard surface. Then gently pull the tray to the side.

Jenga rules

The first move is made by the player who builds the rook. The game then proceeds clockwise.

During your walk: You have to carefully remove one block from an already built tower. The block must be pulled from any point lower than the highest completed floor. Only one hand may be used. Then place the block in your hand on top of the tower. The block shall be placed at right angles to the blocks below it.

Jenga game rules

Removing and placing the blocks on top of the tower

During your turn, remove and place only one block on top of the tower. Remember - use only one hand (you can change hands whenever you like).

As the game progresses and the weight distribution of the tower changes, some blocks become looser than others, making them easier to remove. You can touch other blocks to find a looser block. However, if you have moved a block and it has moved out of place, you must fix it (with one hand only) before touching another block.

When placing the blocks on top of the tower, you must always complete one block floor (3 adjacent blocks), only then can you start a higher floor.

Your turn ends 10 seconds after you place a block on top of the tower or when the player to your left touches a block.

the wooden blocks game is suitable even at work

The board game Jenga continues until someone knocks down the tower. A true professional can build a tower of 36 storeys or more.

Jenga game over

If you are the last player to complete a block without knocking down a tower, you win and the Jenga wooden deck game ends at that point.

The player who knocks down the tower gets the right to build the tower for the next game.

Board game Jenga Tower for children to play

Keeping Jenga out of play

Place the Jenga tower using the building tray. Carefully lift the pallet and the tower and place both together in the box. For more information about the game, see BGG page.