Family games

Family games - is it worth it?

Family are the people we spend most of our time with. In the warm season, we travel a lot, enjoying the pleasures of nature. But Lithuania is a country where it is dark and cold a lot of the time. Board games for the family fill that empty time when there are no other activities.

Family board games keep children busy

What makes family games special?

There is a wide variety of board games. Some have harder rules, others easier. Even children can learn family games. The rules can be changed to suit your needs or the needs of your little ones. The most important thing is that everyone is happy and understands how to play. It is worth introducing a tradition of board games in your family. A good game will create a great mood and the children will not forget these evenings for a long time.

Family games bring lots of joy

How to make the rules for family games easier?

One example: the game Dixit. A person with a little imagination can come up with a description for a card. The voting can be changed depending on whether the children know how to count. If they don't know how to count yet, that's fine. The voting numbers can be replaced simply by coloured pieces of paper or cardboard. Once the cards are laid out, simply place a different coloured piece of paper next to the cards and choose the same colour paper when voting.

If you don't have an Alias game for children, the standard version can be made easier by not using a timer. Since children do not yet know the harder words, such cards can be removed or simply skipped.

Monopoly is a slightly harder game, but it allows you to work together in teams. It is important that the teams are roughly equal. This game teaches children about finance and calculation. The rules can also be simplified. For example, do not use street pledges, do not force to buy a card on which a piece is placed, but do everything freely. In Monopoly, even the pieces are fun - the puppy, the shoe, the hat, etc. The children love it.

Monopoly and its pieces