Heat Pedal to the Metal table game


Heat Pedal to the Metal is a racing game that is topping the world rankings for board games and is becoming increasingly popular!

The pilots in the cars are already holding their breath waiting... 3...2...1...START! Accelerator all the way to the bottom and onwards to victory!

In this article, we will discuss the rules, purpose, pros, cons and other characteristics of the board game.

Key facts

Number of players1 to 6 players
Duration of the game30 to 60 minutes
Age of playersfrom 10 years
Indicative priceapprox. 60 €

About the game

Participants transform themselves into real race car drivers competing in a 1960s Grand Prix race.

The aim of the Heat Pedal to the Metal board game is to win the race through 9 stages. The player whose car crosses the finish line first after completing the number of laps specified in the game celebrates victory.

Speed, engine condition and cornering skills are the keys to future victory!

The pros and cons of the game

Great graphics: The game features highly detailed and realistic graphics that create pleasant environments from city streets to desert roads.

The game can be played multiple times: Players can choose between different cars and different strategies.

Different levels of play: The game has many different difficulty levels that force players to improve their driving skills and develop strategies.


The game can be monotonous: Each time, players have to move their car around the track and fight against other players.

Preparing for the game

  • Place the game board in the middle of the table (for the first game, it is recommended to use the US track and consider racing only one lap as an introductory training run instead of the usual 2 laps as indicated on the board).
  • Each player chooses a colour and takes a car of that colour and a player mat, a gear lever (as a turn marker) and 12 speed cards of the same colour.
  • Checks the game board to see how much Heat (Heat) and Stress (Stress) cards each player must add to their car (usually 6 Heat cards and 3 Stress cards).
  • The player places his mat in front of him and shuffles the 12 Speed cards and keeps the remaining Stress cards on the board for reserve.

  • All participating race cars shall be randomly placed on the starting board to determine the order of players in the first round.
  • One at a time, filling in all the spaces in ascending order.
  • All players must draw 7 cards from the deck.
  • These are the cards they use in the first round of the game. You're ready to go!

Game rules and progress

The game is played with cards and is played as follows:

1. Shifting gears - all players decide when to shift up or down.

Increasing speed twice in one turn costs Heat (Heat) card. 


2. The game is played with cards, with one card for the first gear, two cards for the second gear and so on. Heat cards may not be used.

3. Players reveal their cards to determine their running speed. They move their car forward as many spaces as they have cards.

4. Adrenaline - if a player is in last place (or second from last in a game of more than five players), they can use the Adrenaline card to add extra speed.

5. Players activate the available tools in any order.

To Cooling (Cooldown), they have their own Heat (Heat) card back into your Heat card pile. 

You can get cool-down cards in 1st gear (3 cards) or 2nd gear (1 card). 

If you increase the speed (Boost), the added amount MUST contribute to the value of the turning speed.

6. Slip flow (Slipstream) - if they end up directly behind or next to another car, players can choose whether they want to move forward 2 more spaces. 

7. Players check the speed of the turn to make sure it is within the turning speed limit (written on the board, on the speedometer icon). 

If you exceed it, you pay a Bitter Card equal to the difference between the limit and the speed. If he does not have enough Heat Cards, he leaves the track. 

He then moves his car back to the first available space before the corner where he started and takes the extra Stress Cards and starts in first gear.


8. Dropping (Discard) - Players can discard cards at will, but can never discard Stress or Heat cards.

9. Replenishing cards (Replenish Hand) - draws cards to always have seven.

The game continues until one of the participants completes the race by crossing the set finish line. 

Winning - the furthest car wins, and if two cars are on the same level, the one on the racing line wins.

What is in the game kit?

In the board game box you will find the following components:


Large double-sided boards 2
Track maps4
Racing cars 6
Gearbox pawns6
Players' mats6
Speed cards72
Heat Cards 48
Stress cards37
Renewal cards114
Sponsor cards35
Cards of Legends10
Event cards10
Legends mat1
Championship mat1
Weather tokens 6
Road conditions tokens12
Press Corner Stands2
Results notebook1

Heat Pedal to the Metal - summary

Heat Pedal to the Metal is a game for adrenaline junkies. It will not only appeal to young players, but it will also be the perfect way to spice up a board game lovers' night out with a breath of fresh air and a rush of excitement!

The game was developed by Asger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen and published by Days of Wonder publishing house.

What is the objective of Heat Pedal to the Metal❓

The aim of this board game is to win the race in 9 stages.

What is the duration of the game❓

Board game takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

This board game is recommended for ages 18+❓

This game can be played by children over 10 years old.

How many people can play this board game❓

According to the rules, the game is for 1-6 players.

How many racing cars are in the game❓

The board game has 6 racing cars.