Small World board game

The Small World board game is one of the most original and interesting board games.

Players can create their own fantasy world made up of different races that fight each other and use their own powers.

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of Small World, the pros and cons of the game, the story and other features of the game.

Key facts of the game

Created byIn 2009
Type  Strategic
Number of players2-5
Age of players8+
Game duration40-80 min
Indicative price48-55 euros

The aim of the game

The main objective of Small World is to occupy as many territories as possible and score as many points as possible. 

The pros and cons of the game

Engaging: Players must constantly plan their moves and choose the right races to win.

Options for variations: One of the game's greatest strengths is its multidimensionality. It is unique in that players always have to find new strategies.

Graphic design: The game has a great look and feel and a unique map aesthetic that reflects the fantasy world.

Small-World-table-play pluses-minuses

Complexity: The game rules can be complex for new players and can take a long time to learn. 

Game duration: The game may take longer depending on the game or the number of players present. 

Game rules

In Small World, there is less and less room for all the races that live here. The ancestors left this land in the hope that they would build an empire and rule the world.

Players can use the unique traits and skills of their races to conquer surrounding regions and accumulate victory points.

During the course of the game, players may have to leave their own civilisation to find another. To win, they have to come up with their own strategy for when to expand their empire and when to wait.

Preparing for the game

The Small World board game is started by selecting a map that matches the number of players.

The marker should be placed at the first position on the map track. It helps to keep track of the game. 

The game ends when the game move marker reaches the last point on the track.

The chip tray containing all the races should be placed next to the table map so that it is easily accessible to all players.

After shuffling all the race cards and drawing 5 (at random), place the cards face up in one pile.

Place the remaining cards in one pile.

Do the same with the Special Power badges, placing one to the left of each race card.

Place the remaining chips in the stack on the left.

For each region of the map that contains an extinct tribe symbol, place a tribe token.

Although these civilisations have already declined, they still exist in some areas of the map.


Place a mountain symbol on each region of the map where there are mountains.

Give each player five Victory Coins. 

Place all the remaining coins with the symbols 3, 5 and 10 next to the board. 

These coins will be used as currency during the game and at the end of the game to determine the winner.

Start of the game

The player whose ears are the most perked for the chosen race starts the game by making the first move. The game then proceeds clockwise. 

The first player moves the game move marker forward on the game move track and is followed by the other players.


When the game progress marker reaches the last point on the game turn track, all participants make their last move and the game ends.

The player with the most victory coins is declared the winner of the game.

First move

On the first turn of the game, each player must:

  • Choose a combination of race and special power.
  • Conquer regions.
  • Collect victory coins.

Next moves

On subsequent turns, the first player moves the game move marker one track higher and play continues clockwise. 

During his turn, each player must:

  • Expand your race through new conquests.
  • Leave your race and choose a new one.

What is in the game kit?

Small World board game In the box you will find the following components.

Double-sided game boards2
Player summary sheets 6
Cards for different races14
Special power badges20
Troll Hides Tokens10
Mountain Tokens9
Potholes Tokens2
Fortresses Tokens6
Camp tokens5
Game progress marker1
Victory coins109
Reinforcement dice1
Chips of different races168
Extinct Tribe Tokens18

Game races

Each race has unique skills and traits that allow players to develop strategies and tactics to make their characters more effective in battle and to take as much territory as possible.

The following races are available in the game:

Amazon are fierce warriors who can use four extra coins to conquer, but must leave two of them to defend their regions.

Elves are miners and collect one extra coin at the end of their turn for each mine they occupy.

Elfai are immortal beings who never lose coins in battle. They can reuse all the coins they have after redistributing them.

Zombies can use all their coins to conquer new regions.

Ratmen Have no special abilities, but have more coins than any other race.

Skeletons can rise from the grave and add one new coin per two conquered regions.


Magician can use his magic to turn one opponent's coin into a Wizard's coin once per turn per opponent.

Tritons can conquer coastal regions at a lower price, regardless of the type of location.

Giants are powerful creatures that can conquer regions close to the mountains at lower cost.

Semi-humans are peaceful characters who can use their holes in the ground to protect two regions from enemy attacks or certain abilities of other races.

People at the end of their turn, they receive one additional coin for each agricultural land they have occupied.

Orcas are fierce fighters who collect one extra coin for every enemy they kill.

Trolls can build shelters in the regions they occupy, making it harder for other races to conquer them.

Wizards at the end of their turn, they receive one additional coin for each Magic Region they have captured.

Extinct tribes are mostly hidden in the mountains and are rarely seen by other races. When they do appear, they are often very powerful and can quickly conquer large territories.

Summary and conclusions

The Small World board game combines a fantasy world with strategic thinking.

The game is developed by Philippe Keyaerts and published Days of Wonder publishing house.

It is the perfect choice for board game enthusiasts looking for a challenging and unique experience in the world of board games!

What is the objective of the Small World board game❓

The main objective of the game is to occupy as many territories as possible and score as many points as possible.

What is the duration of the game❓

Small World lasts about 40-80 minutes.

Recommended Small World board game for ages 18+❓

This board game can be played by children aged 8 and over.

How many people can play this board game❓

According to the rules, the game is for 2-5 players.

How many fictional races are in this game❓

There are 14 fictional races in this board game.