Monopoly - smart banking. Rules

Probably well known to all Monopoly. It is the first board game that teaches you how to invest in and manage your assets and your money. This time, we present a newer version. Monopoly - smart banking. The rules are just like regular Monopoly, but you don't have to count the money yourself - a card reader does it all.

Monopoly - smart banking. Rules and game packaging

Game set

  • 1 game board
  • 1 card reader
  • 4 game pieces
  • 22 houses
  • 4 bank cards
  • 22 property cards
  • 23 event cards
  • 2 pips
  • Game rules

Most frequentai questions to ask

❓ How many people can play Monopoly - Smart Banking?

Game customised 2-4 players.

❓ At what age can I play Monopoly with bank cards?

The game is suitable for children from 8 years and adults.

❓ What is the duration of the Monopoly Smart Banking game?

Playing by the rules, the game usually takes about 30-60 minutes.

Differences between Monopoly and Monopoly - Smart Banking. Rules and explanations

Main differences

Home The Little House

  • Monopoly - Smart Banking rules state that if you want to buy a house, you don't have to wait until you have all the streets of one colour. When you buy a street, you get one house right away.
  • The house is placed on the box marked with the first number (on the square on the game board). By seeing what number the house is on, the opponents will know which for rent you will have to pay for this property.
  • When a player stands on your property, not only do you get the rent, but the rent of the property itself goes up one level.
  • Rents go up even when the owner himself stands up on your property.
  • Move the house piece forward or backward each time the rent level changes. Only one house can be on one street.
  • Lease levels range from 1 to 5, except when the street is given to the bank. In this case, no rent is paid at all.
  • Each property has a corresponding card with rental prices for all levels.
You can check what your current street rent level is as follows: Rental level display on the scanner
  • scan the property card;
  • click on x buttonso that the scanner doesn't think you are buying or renting the property. x button press within 10 seconds.

Game board

Monopoly - smart banking. Rules and game board

The game board in this game is almost identical to the classic version. The only difference is that instead of the Chance and the Public Foundation, there is events and seats fields.

Event fields

If you stand on such a square, you must draw a card. Event cards can change the level of rent. You may also have to pay or receive money when you draw this card.

Place boxes are useful because by standing on them and paying money, you can go to any property box on the board.


There is no cash in this game. All monetary transactions are performed by a card reader:

  • When a bank card is read, it collects all information about each player's assets (money and property);
  • A scan of the property card shows which streets we own and the rent we will have to pay for each street;
  • you should hear a special sound when you scan the card. If no sound is heard, scan the card again.

Monopoly - smart banking. Rules

Preparing for the game

Card reader Game progress

It can be activated by any button. Before a new game, the scanner needs to be rebooted - press x button and hold it for 5 seconds. Then press any button to activate the scanner and play.

Order of action Game piece and bank card

  1. Event cards are placed on their designated spaces on the game board;
  2. The ownership cards are divided by colour;
  3. Houses are placed next to the property cards;
  4. Each player takes a game piece and a bank card showing the piece they have received;
  5. All game pieces are placed on the EIC box;
  6. The card reader should be placed on the game board so that everyone can easily reach it;
  7. All pledges must scan their bank cards with a scanner;
  8. When ready to play, press confirmation button in the card reader. Each player then receives 1500 Monopoly Money in their account.

How do I scan my cards? Charging your bank card

  • the cards are placed on the reader with the barcode at the bottom. It is important not to place the cards crooked;
  • the card must cover the entire space allocated to it;
  • if you don't hear the card scanning sound, add it again.

The game starts


  • acquire as many assets as possible. At the end of the game, it will be converted into cash;
  • When at least one player goes bankrupt, have as many different assets as possible at that time;
  • At the end of the game, the card reader counts up all the players' holdings and selects a winner.


The youngest player starts the game.

When walking:
  1. both dice are rolled;
  2. Move the piece through as many cells as the number of eyes you have cast;
  3. you perform the action indicated by the box you stopped on;
  4. at the end of the turn, the next player to play is the person to the left of the person who just played.
  • if you roll a double, take your turn and roll the dice again;
  • If you roll a double number 3 times in a row, you go to jail.

Free property boxes Rental levels

If you stand on such a box, you must either buy the property or put it up for auction.

1. When you buy a property
  • scan your bank card; the reader will then automatically debit your account with the amount you need. You can see the amount on the game board on the property box;
  • Place the house on the unit in the property box;
  • every time someone stands on this square, you move the house one level forward;
  • Place the property card in front of you.
2. When you announce an auction Auction

When a player does not want to buy the property on which he is standing, an auction is called.

The auction is open to everyone, except those in prison. The person who announced the auction can also participate.


  1. you need to check how much money is in your account;
  2. scan the property card of the property being auctioned;
  3. Press m button and optional auction button;
  4. Press confirmation button and the auction begins;
  5. At the end of the auction, the winner scans his/her bank card and the money is debited;
  6. a house is placed on the property box. The winning bidder places the property card in front of them.
Important to remember!!!
  • the auction is time-limited;
  • when you quote a price, click m button. Clicking it will increase the amount by 20 Monopoly Money each time. Pressing the button requires you to say the price out loud;
  • ownership goes to the last person to place a bet.
  • if no one wants to buy the property, pressure x button and the game goes on;
  • if time runs out and no player has been able to place a bet, then the property card is scanned again and betting starts again.
Notes Street cards
  • if you have all streets of one colour, your rent goes up - move the house 2 levels forward;
  • if all streets of one colour have already been bought but are owned by several players, then the rent for each such property is increased by one level;
  • keep the houses on the numerical values of the rents, which is the level that has been reached. Don't forget to move them forward or backward when things change.

Property that already has an owner

1. Rent payable to owner. Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - Occupied property with houses
  • scan the property card;
  • Scan your bank card. The scanner automatically deducts the required amount from the account of the person who has to pay the rent and transfers it to the property owner;
  • the owner moves the house one level forward.
2. When the property belongs to the person who stood on it Monopoly - smart banking. Rules and rent level changes
  • scan the property card;
  • Scan your bank card. The new rental level appears on the screen;
  • the house is moved one level forward.

Out of money?

The card reader notifies you when there is not enough money. Then you have to use your personal property to cover your debts.

Events Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - Event Card

When stopping at an event box, you need to take one card from the top of the event pile and read out loud what it says. Next steps:

  • use the scanner to read the event card;
  • Scan any property card (but not your personal one);
  • when an action is not possible, do nothing;
  • the used event card is placed at the bottom of the pile;
  • the EIC box is not passed when executing event card instructions


These are properties that are shown next to a board and have owners. Each player can even be their own neighbour.

Locations Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - Local Card

You need to pay 100 Monopoly Money when you land on a place card, and then you can move to any of the property boxes on the board. Once you have done so, the available property can be purchased or you can simply raise the rent level of your personal property. It is also possible to go nowhere if there is no need or lack of money.

Course of action:
  1. click here m button button and find local iconicon;
  2. Scan your bank card;
  3. the property is moved to the desired field;
  4. scan the card for that property;
  5. Scan your bank card. If the street is purchased, put a house on it. If the rent level is raised, the house is moved forward one cell.

Note: If you go through the EIC when following the instructions of your local cards, you will not receive any money.

EIC field Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - go box

Standing on or passing this box awards 200 Monopoly Money.

  • click here m button, we are looking for EIC button;
  • scan your bank card.

Free parking Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - Free Parking

Just rest there until your next move.

You are just a visitor Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - Prison visits

We place our figurine on the black part of the prison where the visitors are staying. You have to stand there until the next move.

Go to jail Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - go to jail

The game piece is placed on the orange part of the prison. The turn is over. You do not get any money after passing through the EIC.

In prison, you can't collect rent or participate in auctions. If someone stands on your property, you do not scan the property card. But if the rent level changes because of event cards, you have to participate.

How to get out of prison?
  1. 100 Monopoly money is paid. Press on the card reader m button, find the Prison bars icon and scan your bank card.
  2. To get out of jail, roll a double number. Then you take as many cells as the number of eyes that have fallen out.
  3. If you don't roll a double within three turns, then you pay 100 Monopoly Money to the bank. You follow the steps in step 1 above and go as many spaces as the number of eyes that have fallen out.

When you no longer have money in your account

  1. Once your bank card is scanned, the scanner automatically calculates everything and shows you if you have enough money;
  2. if the money is available, it will be used to pay debts. When money is tight, you will have to sell some of your possessions;
  3. you will receive the initial price of the property as written on the game board;
  4. the change will be credited to your bank card;
  5. when there is not enough money or property cards to pay the debt, you go bankrupt and the game is over.
When you owe another player
  • scanning the property card(s) until the debt is settled;
  • House on the property box, it is left as it was and then the property card is given to the person you owed it to.
When you owe the bank
  • scan the property card or cards. Scanning continues until the debt is settled;
  • removed from the box House. The card is handed over to the bank. The property is now free again.

Monopoly - smart banking. Rules and Winner Determination

  • When one player goes bankrupt, Game is finalised. The winner is the person with the most money and property at the time;
  • The player's total assets are automatically calculated by the reader. It adds up all available money and the initial purchase prices of the properties;
  • The winner is announced and congratulated.

Note: If a bankrupt player does not pay all of his debt, the debt will be reimbursed by the bank and included in the player's total assets.

Draw Monopoly - smart banking. Rules - price of rental levels

When the game ends in a tie, the winner is the one with the most expensive property (valued at its purchase price).

Cancellation of the last operation

You can cancel these operations:

In the card reader, press and hold for 5 seconds confirmation button and m button. If you hear a sound, the data will change.

Only one last transaction can be cancelled. Once a debt has been incurred, the last transaction cannot be cancelled.