Saboteur 2 rules

Saboteur 2 is an expansion to the strategy card game Saboteur. It can only be played with the main game. But to make the game more fun, new action and road cards are added, players are split into teams and new characters are introduced. See below for the rules of Saboteur 2.

Saboteur 2 and its rules

Getting ready for Saboteur 2

Game expansion pack:

  • 30 gold nuggets;
  • game rules;
  • 30 playing cards;
  • 21 action cards;
  • 15 dwarf cards (4 green goldsmiths, 4 blue goldsmiths, 1 chief, 2 geologists, 1 speculator, 3 diversants).

Frequently asked questions

❓ How many people can play Saboteur 2?

Saboteur 2 rules adapted 2-12 people.

❓ How long does it take to play Saboteur 2?

Typically, the game will take 30 minutes.

❓ How old can I play Saboteur 2?

Saboteur 2 is suitable for people aged 8 years and over.

❓ Can I play Saboteur 2 without the main game?

No. The Saboteur expansion does not contain any base game cards, so you can only play it in conjunction with the base game.

❓ Which cards are included in the Saboteur 2 set?

  • Dwarfs:
    • 4 blue and 4 green goldeneye;
    • Leader;
    • Speculator;
    • Geologist;
  • Road Cards:
    • Bridge;
    • A double twist;
    • A path with ladders;
    • A road with a door;
  • Action Cards:
    • Verification;
    • Thief;
    • Hands off;
    • Change of hat;
    • Swapping cards;
    • Trap;
    • Liberation.

Preparation process


All the rules of the base game remain in place, so you may want to keep them in mind, but there are some new rules for Saboteur 2.

  1. The dwarf cards from the first game are removed from the game;
  2. As in the main game, the starting and ending cards are placed on the table;
  3. Shuffle all the path and action cards (from both parts of the game) and remove the top 10 cards from the deck;
  4. Players are dealt 6 cards each;
  5. All the dwarf cards in the replenishment are shuffled and each player is dealt one;
  6. Players look at their card and place it face down next to them, without revealing who they are to the others;
  7. The youngest player starts the game and the action proceeds clockwise (unless you mutually agree on who starts the game).


Later, if you want to play again without topping up, it's easy to tell the cards apart because the new cards have a "2" on them.

Refill Dwarf Cards

Blue Goldfinch - Saboteur 2 game Green Goldfinch - saboteur 2 rules Blue (4) and green (4) goldeneye

Their goal is to win gold, just as it used to be, but now they are divided into teams and their wins and losses are counted as follows:

  • A team wins if a team member reaches the gold card (if the path from the starting card to the treasure is blocked by the opposing team's door, they do not win);
  • Both teams win if other dwarves (chief, geologist or speculator) reach the gold, and the path does not go through any door;
  • A team can win if a member of the other team reaches the gold card, but there is a door on the way that is not the door of the team that reached the gold.

dwarf chieftain Vadeiva (1)

His goal is to win gold, but he can be said to belong to both teams (blue and green), but because of this facilitation, he gets one less point in the scoring.

Dwarf speculator Speculator (1)

His goal is just to play, because he will win anyway (whether or not gold is achieved), but he will get 2 points less for it.

Dwarf Geologist Geologist (2)

He receives points for the gold nuggets he finds along the way, so his goal is to find as many as possible in the labyrinthine roads. He gets as many points as there are gold nuggets at the end of the game, and if there are 2 geologists, they split the points in half (rounded down if necessary).

Replenishment (new) Road Cards

bridge - saboteur 2 game Bridge (2)

There are two straight roads on this card, but it is not an intersection. At least one of these roads must be connected to the starting card.

double turn - saboteur 2 rules Double twist (2)

This card also contains two roads that are not connected and direct the road to the right or left. At least one of them must be connected to the start card.

the ladder road - saboteur 2 game Ladder road (4)

The card shows a ladder. This card does not have to be linked to the starting card, but can simply be placed next to any of the cards in the path, except for the Treasure (the three end cards). The Ladder card is considered to be connected to the Start card and the other Ladder cards.

Green Door Road Card Road card with blue door Road card with door (3 green, 3 blue)

Doors can be either green or blue, golden-eyed dwarves can only place doors matching their colour, if they receive a different colour, they can only discard such cards. If a blue dwarf builds a road with a blue door, it is like a dead end for the green dwarf (he can extend the road, but he will not go to the end cards himself).

Some cards have crystals on them, which don't mean anything during the game, but if there is a geologist among the players, placing a card with a crystal on it earns them points.

Additional (new) Action Cards

check Inspection (2)

This card allows you to choose one person whose character card you want to look at. Once the action is completed, the card is removed from the game.

thief Thief (4)

If you're not trapped, you can place it in front of you and at the end of the round, when the gold is dealt out, you can take one gold nugget for yourself from your chosen player. After this action, the card is removed from the game.

Hands off Hands off (3)

This card can be used to remove a Thief card placed against another player. Both cards are then removed from the game.

hat change - saboteur 2 game Change of hat (2)

Using a card, you choose one player (it can be yourself or anyone else). That person must place their dwarf card to the side and draw one of the unused dwarf cards from the pile. His or her role in the game changes.The Action Card is removed from the game.

Card Swap - Saboteur 2 Card swap (2)

You choose any player and deal them all the cards in your hand. You do not show the cards you are exchanging to the other players, and the person who was supposed to exchange with you draws another card from the deck. The number of cards in your hand may vary during the exchange. Say you have 3 cards and Eve has 7, after the swap you will have 7 cards and Eve will have 3 + 1 from the deck. The card is removed from the game after the action.

traps Trap! (3)

Using a card, you select any player and place them in front of you. From now on, he is completely blocked: he cannot build a road; he does not get his share of gold nuggets (say he is blue and blue has reached gold, but he is trapped and will not get gold); if he has placed a thief card, it is invalid.

liberation Liberation! (4)

This card removes a trap card placed in front of you or another person. Once used, both cards are removed from the game.

Saboteur 2 rules

The player can take one of four actions:

  1. To build a road (you use one card and draw one);
  2. Use an action card (use one card and draw one);
  3. Remove the card in front of him by discarding 2 from your hand (you use two cards and draw one);
  4. Replace the cards in your hand (draw 1-3 cards, then draw 1-3 cards).

A player can only take one action, and the other person continues to play. If you run out of cards, you don't reshuffle the deck and use them, you just use what's left in your hand, and if you don't have any cards left, you skip a turn until everyone has run out of cards in their hand.

End of round

The round ends and gold nuggets won are counted when the gold card is reached or when the cards run out.

Counting points (gold nuggets)

First we look to see if gold has been achieved, if so - the gold diggers have won, if not - the divers. If there is a door on the way to the gold, only those gold diggers whose door is on that path win. The number of points awarded depends on how many dwarves have reached their goal (see table below).

1 dwarf5 gold nuggets
2 dwarfs4 gold nuggets each
3 dwarfs3 gold nuggets each
4 dwarfs2 gold nuggets each
5 dwarfs1 gold nugget each


A geologist does not count among the winners.

After the gold nuggets have been shared, they are placed face down in front of each other. Then, if someone has a thief card in front of them, they take one gold nugget from the chosen person. If there are more thieves, the last person to put this card in front of him/her starts, and then it's clockwise.

Don't forget that:

  • The number of winning goldsmiths includes the speculator and the leader;
  • If there is a door of one colour on the road, dwarves of the other colour don't win, even if they have completed the road;
  • Trapped players are also excluded from the winners.

Once the points have been counted, a new round begins.

Saboteur 2 road connection

Start of a new round

You place the start and end cards on the table. You then shuffle all the path and action cards, using the 10 cards set aside for the first round. After the shuffle, you remove the top 10 cards from the game again and deal 6 cards to everyone. You draw a dwarf card again, this time possibly for a different role. The player whose turn it would have been in the previous round starts the turn.

Saboteur 2 is finished

Saboteur 2 rules state that the game consists of three rounds (unless otherwise agreed by the players before the game). The points (gold nuggets) scored in all rounds are added together and the person with the most points wins. There may be ties between several people.

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