MicroMacro: city of crime

MicroMacro Crime City - MicroMacro Crime City stands out for its unusual genre and design. It has quickly become one of the most popular and favourite games among board game enthusiasts.

The game does not require you to move any pieces on the game board, deal cards or manage complex groups of soldiers.

Instead, players have to solve various tasks based on the questions available in order to find out the details of the game and to clarify the predicates.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail the purpose, rules and other characteristics of the game.

Key facts

Created by2020 m.
Typedetective cooperation game
Number of players1-4
Duration of the game15-45 min
Level of complexityeasy
Age of players12+ years
Indicative price of the game22-39 euros
The aim of the gameto solve crimes committed in the city

Briefly about the game


MicroMacro is a collaborative detective board game. It involves solving various tasks, exploring illustrations and finding hidden elements to unravel the game's mysteries. The game creates a pleasant tension and narrative dynamics.

Duration of the game

The duration of a MicroMacro game can vary considerably depending on the complexity of the case and the experience of the players and their ability to solve certain tasks. Typically, a game game game lasts between 15 and 45 minutes.

Level of complexity

This board game is considered to be a simple game. However, different cases require players to pay close attention to details and use their deductive reasoning skills to identify suspects and their motives. 

The game can be played at two different difficulty levels:

  • Easy game - after reading the card, you have to find the answer to a certain stage on the map, flip the card over and see if the answer is correct.
  • A challenging game - trying to solve the whole case by reading the card and trying to go through all the steps without looking at the clues. And only then read the questions on what needs to be checked or done to solve the case.

What is in the game kit?

In the MicroMacro Crime City game box you will find the following components.

Large map 1
Plastic magnifying glass1
File envelopes with cards16

MicroMacro game rules

MicroMacro includes 16 cases, with cards assigned to each case to solve.

Crime is happening all over the city. To find out what happened, players have to scrutinise a giant map of the city (a black-and-white drawing with lots of detail) to find all the hidden information and follow the criminals' still-hot trail.

Players have to investigate the crime described on the case cards, discover the motives and clues related to the case and, from start to finish, follow the clues left by the criminals to catch the perpetrator.

Finding what the criminals have done can be tricky at the start, so you need to start at the easiest level and work your way up to more difficult cases. 

The complexity of the cases is indicated by stars (1 star for easy cases, 5 stars for difficult cases).

The first case is a test case and has no complexity rating, while simple cases may have 3 or 4 clue cards and more complex cases may have 10 or more. The cards are numbered consecutively and grouped together.

It will take a lot of insight and concentration to solve all the cases!

MicroMacro gameplay

In the course of the game, you need to find out, either by reading the original card or by reading other cards, what happened in this case.

To start the game, participants have to choose an investigator who receives the first cards and reads out the first case card and the task.


In it, players learn about the main character and read a clue about how he or she was hurt or killed.

First, players have to find the character's location on the map and make sure it is correct. Once they have done so, they turn over the card. The investigator then has to read out the correct answer in the corner of the flipped card (location).

If the answer is wrong, the other players have to search for the character without the investigator (because he knows the answer).

Players explore the Crime City map together, trying to answer all the questions on the case cards one by one.

When players answer a question, they turn over a card to see if their guess is right or wrong.

If they're right, they move on to the next question until they've solved the riddle.

The game ends when the question on the last card is answered correctly.

The game starts by taking the envelope and reading the first card (the information on the black background). 



"Bruno Brauen hired an assassin to get rid of a blackmailer. He met him in a dark alley behind a hamburger stand". 

After reading this information about the case, players have to find the character on the map.

It contains a clue that needs to be studied carefully on the map and you need to try to understand what has happened. 

When the players are sure they have understood and their decision is correct, they can turn over another card containing the information of the hypothetical event (with the map coordinates).

This can help you understand whether the players have found the right place and understood all the clues. 

After solving all the cards, the players unravel the mystery of the case and discover how, why and where the crime was committed. 

The pros and cons of the game

Unique game mechanics: Combines the mechanics of a detective board game with finding hidden objects.

Social: It's a cooperative game, so players have to work together and discuss to solve cases. 

Attention to detail: The huge map of the city is like a work of art, depicting a fictional city in minute detail. 

Can be played multiple times: The board game has 16 different cases to solve.

Different levels of complexity: You can choose cases of different difficulty levels (1-5 stars) and get into the game easily.


The map takes up a lot of space: The game map is very large (75 x 110 cm), so you need a lot of space to play.

May not be suitable for the sensitive: The map shows many dead people.

Monotonous: Although the game has 16 different cases to solve, it's only interesting to deal with one case at a time.

Small magnifying glass: It can be difficult to navigate on a large map.


The game is designed by Johannes Sich. He was assisted by illustrators Daniel Goll and Tobias Jochinke. The game won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award. 

MicroMacro - summary

MicroMacro Crime City is an unusual but well-designed and attractive board game.

The game perfectly immerses players in a city full of detective intrigue, and the solved cases provide a sense of inner satisfaction.

Some cases may seem easy and some incredibly difficult, so players can choose according to their needs.

It's a great game of detective stories, puzzles and cooperation!

What is the purpose of the game❓

The aim of the MicroMacro Crime City game is to solve crimes committed in the city.

How many people can play this board game❓

The game can be played by 1-4 people.

What is the recommended age of players❓

The game is recommended for players aged 12 and over.

Is MicroMacro difficult❓

❌ No! This game is classified as a light game.

How big is the map❓

The board game map is very large (75 x 110 cm).