Poker combinations by strength

Poker combinations

Never played Poker before? If so, before you learn poker rules, you should familiarise yourself with the poker combinations in the UK. Once you know them, it's much easier to know whether you have useful cards and how much they are worth betting on.

Poker cards and card strength - Aces

Poker deck of cards

Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck.

As it is easy to get confused in poker, it is a good idea to learn the basic concepts used in this text:

  • Type of cards (card symbols) - cards are separated by the symbol they bear (hearts, drums, clubs, wines). Drums can also be called spades or bells. Poker rules and combinations also refer to the type of cards as a 'suit'.
  • Value of cards (poker card strength) - this is indicated by a number or letter that appears on the card. In descending order of value, the cards are A - Ace, K - King, Q - Queen or Queen, J - Jack or Jack of Diamonds. The following cards are numbered from 10 to 2.Row and colour" and "Queue" The value of an Ace can be at its lowest when the following cards are in a row (5-4-3-2-A).
  • The highest card - is the card with the highest value in the hand.

Poker combinations in Lithuanian

The rules for making a poker hand are very simple. The values of the individual cards are almost irrelevant in determining the winner. Except when all players have completely different cards in their hands. In most cases, the winning hand is determined by the combination of poker cards held by the players. They consist of 5 cards.

Poker hands in order of strength from highest to lowest

1. Royal Flush

A Royal Flush is the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. The symbols of the cards must match. This is the strongest hand in poker. It is the strongest hand and is very difficult to get, so players may not see it at all during the game. But if you're lucky enough to get one of these cards, you're sure to win!

Poker Combinations - Royal Flush

2. Row and colour (Straight Flush)

Five cards with matching symbols, arranged in numerical sequence, are called "Row and suit". This is the second strongest poker hand. Its value is calculated based on the highest card in the poker hand.

If two players have a combination of a suit and a row, the player with the highest value of the highest card wins.

An Ace can be either the highest or the lowest card in a row, depending on which cards it is in a row with.

Poker Rules and Combinations - Row and suit

3. Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same rank (four aces in the example) are called "Four of a Kind". An additional card (in this case a deuce) has no effect on the value of this combination.

poker card combinations - Four of a Kind

4. Full House (Full House)

A full house consists of three cards of the same rank and a pair of other cards of the same rank. This is one of the strongest hands in poker. If two players have a full house, then the player with the highest value of three of a kind wins.

poker combination - Full House

5. Colour (Flush)

Any five cards of the same type are called a 'suit'. The value of this poker hand is based on the highest card, in the same way as in "Row and colour". When two players have a "Flush" hand, the player with the highest value card wins. When the highest cards are the same, the cards of the second highest value are compared. When they match again, the lower cards are compared, and so on until the last card.

Poker Rules Combinations - Colour

6. Row (Straight)

The five cards, arranged in sequential order, are called the "Queue". When two players have this hand, the player with the highest value of the highest card wins. As in "Row and colour", an Ace can be either the highest or the lowest card in the hand.

poker combinations - Queue

7. Three of a Kind

Three of a kind, with two additional cards of different values, is called "Three of a Kind". In the case of two such combinations, the winner is the one with the higher value of the three cards.

Poker Combinations - Three of a Kind

8. Two Pairs (Two Pair)

Two pairs of cards of the same denomination, with a different card next to it - this is a "Two Pair". When two players have such a combination, the winner is the one whose higher pair is worth more. If they are equal, the lower pairs are compared. If they are equal, then the value of the remaining one card is compared.

poker hands by Strength - Two Pairs

9. Pair (One Pair)

 A "pair" is two cards of the same rank plus three additional cards of different ranks. When two players have a pair, the value of the cards in the pair is compared. When the value is the same, other independent cards are compared from highest to lowest.

poker combinations in Lithuanian - Pair

10. High Card

If all players have five full different cards and no other poker combinations are made, the winner is determined by the highest card in the hand. If it is the same, the second highest ranked card is compared. And so on down to the lowest card.

Poker - Highest Card

Frequently asked questions

❓ What is the strongest poker hand?

The most powerful is Royal verses a combination of cards. It consists of a row of exactly these five cards of the same suit (same symbol): Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten.

❓ What does the colour of the cards mean in poker?

A novice player may make the mistake of thinking that hearts and drums are the same suit. The same applies to wines with clubs. In poker, the colour of the cards means something different. In this game, a "colour" refers to a specific type of cards. For example: the colour of hearts, the colour of wines, etc. So, when you hope to make a combination of cards of the same suit, remember that you Need e.g. not 5 red cards, but 5 hearts.