Love letter game - rules

The Love Letters game smells of romance as the princess waits for true love, which her fans show her in their letters. And only the one who sends her the most romantic letters will win her attention, love and the King's approval. It's really fun modern card game, which is suitable for both children and adults.

❓ How many people can play Love letter?

The Love Letters game can be played by 2 to 4 people.

❓ How long does the Love letter game last?

The game can last from 15-45 minutes, although the average is around 20 minutes.

❓ From what age can I play Love letter?

This game is recommended for ages 10 and up, although it can be played by younger children.

❓ Which category is the Love letter game?

This is a modern card game where you have to try to hide what cards you have, guess what your opponents have, and strategise how to send as many letters as possible to the princess.

❓ What's in the Love letter game set?

The set contains 16 character cards, 4 memory cards, 12 hearts and 1 rulebook.

Love letter game and set

16 character cards

Each card contains the details you will need to play that card. In the top corner of the card you can see how much the card is worth. The higher the number, the closer the character is to the princess. The bottom of the pegs shows the action to be taken when a particular card is placed on the table.

  • The Princess card is 1;
  • The Countess's card is 1;
  • King card - 1;
  • Prince Cards - 2;
  • The Handmaiden's cards are 2;
  • Baron cards - 2;
  • Priest cards - 2;
  • Guardian cards - 5.

4 memory cards

They list all the details of the game in case players forget or just get confused. Here we can see a list of all the cards and the actions they tell you to perform. It also tells you how many specific cards are in the deck.

12 hearts

These hearts signify the love of a princess. That love can be earned by sending her letters.

Love letter game and its rules and components


The object of the game is to get your love letter to the Princess as soon as possible. Throughout the game, you will be dealt one card that will indicate which intermediary will deliver your letter. It is very important that the person who is closest to the Princess, i.e. who has the highest number written at the top of their card, has the letter. The closer the intermediary is, the better you will be.

Getting ready

All 16 cards are shuffled and placed in one face-down deck. This will be called the UNUSED CARDS PACK. Then one card is removed from the top of the deck and placed next to it. It must be face down and no one can look at it.

Each player then takes one card from the top of the unused deck. The personal cards can be viewed, but it is important not to show them to others. The player who has recently been on a date will take his turn first. When several people have been on a date, the youngest of them starts.

This game can also be played for two. In this case, three cards must be removed from the top of the unused deck and placed face up somewhere nearby. These cards will not be played.

Love letter game and its princess

Love letter rules

The Love letter game is divided into several rounds. 1 round = 1 day. At the end of each day, the princess receives a letter from a fan. At the end of the next day, she receives another letter and so on until the end of the game. But one letter doesn't mean anything to the princess - she has to get enough letters to fall in love with one of her admirers.

Each turn, the player must take one card from the top of the unused card pile. He then looks at that card and the one he received at the start of the game. He chooses the card that is more useful to him, places it face up on the table and performs the action indicated on that card. All used cards must be kept face up on the table throughout the game. Each turn, a used card must be placed on top of another card already placed on the table in order to show their order.

When one player finishes his turn, the player to his left acts.

Dropping out of a round

When someone is eliminated from the game, they are no longer eligible for the current round. In this case, he/she must place his/her face-up card on the table and take no further action.

Love letter game and set


Some people play unfairly and cheat when it comes to performing an action that is written on the Guardian card. Also, some people do not discard the Countess card, even though they are also holding a King or Prince card. Agree before the game that no-one will cheat, or just don't play with those who don't know how to do it right. (If suspicions arise, you can designate one person as a "policeman". In this case, he or she would keep an eye on each player's cards, but would not play himself or herself).

End of round

One round ends when the deck of unused cards is empty. All players who have not been eliminated then show the cards they have. The winner of this round is the player who has the highest value card. If two players have cards of the same value, then the winner is the player with the highest total points from used cards. In the event of a tie here, then nobody wins the round.

A round may also end if all players are eliminated and only one player remains. That remaining player wins the round.

Whoever wins the round gets a heart. Then a new round starts. The one who won the round plays first.

Love letter game winner

When the Love letter game ends, the winner of the whole game is the one with the required number of hearts.

  • When two people are playing, 5 hearts are required;
  • 3 players - 4 hearts;
  • 4 players - 3 hearts.

Additional rules

When you place the card you will use, you must choose the person it will be used for. This will be your target.

You can't choose between someone who is already out of the game and someone who is protected by the Handmaiden. Sometimes the Maid protects everyone, in which case you place a card, but you cannot choose the target. If in such a case the Prince card is dealt, then you become the target. More about the game EN.


Princess Princess

When you place a Princess card on the table, you are eliminated from the round.

Countess Countess

The Countess's action is valid for as long as her card is in your hand. If you draw a Prince or King card, you must discard the Countess first. You cannot use a King or Prince as long as the Countess is in your hand. Remember that you can place the Countess even if you do not have a King or Prince card.

The King The King

When you place a King on the table, you must then exchange the next card in your hand for one of the other player's (target) cards.

Prince Prince

When you place a Prince on the table, you must then choose a target (which can be you). If all your opponents are guarded by a Maid, then the Prince's target can only be yourself. The player you have chosen must place the card in their hand on the table, but not act on it, and then take another card from the top of the unused deck. If the Unused Cards pile is empty, then you must take the card that you set aside at the start of the game.

The maid The maid

When you place a Maid on the table, you are safe until your next move, and nobody can target you.

Baron Baron

When you place a Baron on the table, you must then choose a target and compare the cards you both have with it. The other players cannot see those cards. Unfortunately, the player with the lower value card will be eliminated from the round.

Priest Priest

When the Priest is placed on the table, you choose a target and see what card it has. The other players cannot find out what card it is.

Guardian Guardian

After the Guardian's card has been placed, you choose a target and have to guess which card is in his hand. If you guess, then the selected player will be eliminated from the round.