Vabang Trefl board game

A different but very addictive Vabang Trefl board game has been added to the world of board games!

As well as being great fun, it's also a game of tension and socialising that doesn't require a long time to learn complicated rules or prepare for the start of the game.

In this article, we'll look at the features, rules and pros and cons of this fun game.

Key facts

Created byIn 2022
Typeparties, Family Game
Number of players2-8
Duration20-30 minutes
Level of complexityeasy
Age of players8+
Indicative price of the gameEUR 25-32

Goal of the game Vabang Trefl

The aim of the game is very simple - try to come up with as many questions and answers as possible by combining the words on the card and collect 10 cards before the other players.

What is in the game kit?

Board game The kit consists of the following elements:

Electronic push-button timer (requires AAA batteries, not included)1
Game Instructions 1

The pros of board games

  • Develops orientation and thinking skills: Playing Vabang requires quick orientation and sharp thinking.
  • It teaches you to make quick decisions: Participants try to make quick decisions, even when under pressure, and choose one option or another without delay.
  • It teaches concentration: Improves concentration by focusing on the game for longer periods of time without distractions.
  • Innovative and fun: Modern and slightly different from other board games.

Cons of playing a board game

  • Few playing cards: Players may find that the game becomes repetitive when playing for the first time, as the questions and answers become predictable.
  • Lack of AAA cells: Items to be purchased.
  • There are no definitive answers: Players' interpretations may not match the correct answers.

Vabang Trefl rules

The game rules are very simple! 

Start by placing the timer in the middle of the table so that everyone can easily reach it.

Shuffle all the cards and make a pile.
The youngest player or the player selected by lot may start.

He takes a card from the pile and chooses the two combinations of words he likes best from either A or B. These combinations consist of two different words (or several combinations of words). They are presented on the cards in English.

The first player reads the words aloud to all participants.
All players must then try to come up with a question that combines these two words, defining the characteristics they both have.

Take a look at this picture and come up with the questions, what do these two words have in common?


  • Where "Cleaning and Disinfection" ?
    Possible answers include killing germs and viruses, maintaining cleanliness, daily hygiene or sterilising a hospital ward.
  • What do "Puppet and Teddy Bear" have in common ?
    Possible answers - children's toys, has hands, has fake hair, etc.

That's the whole point of the game!

The first player to come up with an answer to a question asked by a participant must try to hit the timer as quickly as possible with the correct answer!

It starts to glow and plays a tune indicating that time is about to run out.
During this time, the other players must also try to answer the question and press the button to take the point from their opponent.

Each time a player answers a question, the timer restarts. 

All players have limited time! So you need to think very fast and surprise your opponents.


Important: Do not repeat what you said before!

The game ends when the timer signals the end with a special signal and goes silent. The player who is the last to give an answer wins the card for which one point is awarded.

If a player makes a mistake, such as saying a word that has already been used or a word that does not fit the answer, the last player to answer correctly is awarded the point.

If no one answers the question at the end of the time limit, the player who asked the question wins the point. 

At the end of this round, the next player (clockwise) draws a new card and starts the next round.


Vabang Trefl Summary

This is a very fun Vabang Trefl board game where you need to be quick and creative!

This board game will appeal to the whole family, and is perfect for a party or just a fun get-together with friends. A great mood and a lot of fun is guaranteed!

What is the purpose of the game❓

The aim is to come up with as many questions and answers as possible by combining the words on the card and collecting 10 cards before the other players.

Can this board game be played by one player❓

No. The game is for 2-8 players

Recommended for ages 18+❓ Vabang game

According to the rules, this board game can be played by children aged 8 and over.

What is the difficulty level of this game❓

Vabang Trefl is a light board game.

What's in the set❓

In the board game box you will find an electronic timer button, 168 cards and rules.